Terms and Conditions

JazaaMatch.com is a matrimonial services website, that is managed by a committee of the
Islamic Center of Naperville (ICN). The primary purpose of this website is to provide a much
needed service to help community members find suitable matches for marriage through a safe
and halal platform with personal involvement by the community members. We strongly advise
the users to follow the rules of Islam (Shariah) when interacting with one another. Since this is a
service offered by a non-profit organization, the purpose of this site is not for financial gain and
the nominal fee is used to pay for the cost of development and maintenance of the site.
The terms and conditions defined here are legally binding terms for your use of the website and
services and may be revised by Jazaa Match without any advance notice.
When you register on the Jazaa Match platform, you agree to the terms and conditions laid out
in this document. The term “user’ defined in this document refers to the person filling out the
registration form and/or the person whose profile is being registered to see matrimonial services

1. Age Restriction
The JazaaMatch site is restricted to only users who are at least 18 years of age. The system will
not allow you to enter a birthdate that shows that the user is less than 18 years of age at the
time of registering.

2. Authority to Use
By using our site, you affirm that you have the authority as well as the consent of the person
whose profile is being registered

3. Intent of Use
The sole purpose of the JazaaMatch site and the services provided by the team is to help the
community members who are genuinely interested in finding a match for marriage. You confirm
that the intent of your use of this site is solely for this purpose of finding a suitable match for
marriage and not for dating and/or any malicious intent

4. Accuracy of Information
While submitting your information in the registration process, updating your profile or providing
any information to our committee members, you solemnly affirm that all information is accurate
and truthful. You agree not to impersonate anyone else or misrepresent your affiliation with the
person whose profile has been submitted.

5. Login Credentials / Security
You agree that you will be solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your login
credentials and will not hold JazaaMatch or ICN responsible for loss of your login information
and unauthorized use. You will notify us as soon as you suspect that your login information has
been compromised.

6. Privacy Policy
All information that is submitted by you along with pictures during the registration process as
well as during conversation with our committee members is being done so willingly of your own

accord in the manner that you find most effective to find a suitable partner. JazaaMatch will take
various precautions of keeping your information private (by sharing personal information only
with registered users) and sharing your photo per your instructions during the registration
process. You are authorizing JazaaMatch to share this information with other users based on
these guidelines. JazaaMatch facilitates messaging between users based on the users
consenting to communicate with each other. JazaaMatch will not be responsible for users
sharing this information with other people.

7. Content
You agree that the content posted by you that includes your profile information, messages,
pictures are based on strict guidelines of decency and shall not contain anything offensive,
harmful, illegal, immoral or otherwise, objectionable. JazaaMatch has the right at its sole
discretion to remove any content that it finds to violate this code of conduct

8. Indemnification
You hereby agree and affirm that JazaaMatch is simply a messaging service that facilitates
communication between parties interested in marriage. JazaaMatch is not responsible for the
accuracy, content, or nature of any communications, profiles, or other information distributed by
individuals on JazaaMatch. Your use of the website is entirely at your own risk, and you shall
indemnify and hold harmless JazaaMatch, the Islamic Center of Naperville (ICN), the ICN
Matrimonial Services Committee members, ICN or JazaaMatch employees and volunteers, and
the ICN Board of Directors, all either individually or collectively, from any liability, damage, loss,
or claim. By using JazaaMatch, you hereby avail yourself to the jurisdiction of DuPage County,
Illinois, and hereby agree that any and all legal claims or filings regarding JazaaMatch shall be
addressed in said jurisdiction. You shall be responsible for any and all legal fees and other costs
incurred by JazaaMatch or ICN in the litigation or negotiation of any said claims.
We pray that Allah (SWT) protect all of us, forgive us, guide us to the straight path, and put
barakah in our efforts and actions InshAllah. JazakAllah khair and may Allah (SWT) make it
easy for you in your efforts to find a suitable partner in marriage